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In 2007, Bill Savage purchased a bushel of Indian corn from a man whose grandfather had been growing it since 1870 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He considered marketing the Indian corn for ornamental purposes; however, he abandoned this idea when he realized it would be difficult to compete with mexican imports. He then decided to try making chicken feed. He and his father realized when grinding the corn that it made a unique, sweet-smelling cornmeal. His family tried the cornmeal and decided this was the route he would take with marketing and Pungo Creek Mills was born.

Owners, Bill and Laurel Savage

This heirloom Indian corn has been grown by local on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for over 165 years. The corn is harvested in the late Fall, dried in an air corn crib, shelled with a corn sheller, bagged and stored in a grain house. The corn is then stone ground using traditional methods into cornmeal for you to enjoy. The is labor intensive but the unusual texture, color and flavor of the cornmeal is worth the time invested.

Pungo Creek Mills

P.O. Box 69 Painter, VA 23420

Contact: Bill Savage

Phone: 757 442-6327

Pungo Creek Mills is proud to announce our new product, Pungo Creek's Finest White Cornmeal. As a collaborative effort, Pungo Creek Mills and Old Dominion Pipe Co., LLC are pleased to bring this stone ground heirloom cornmeal home to you and your family.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our . There's much more to come!

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